Frank's RedHot History

History of Wings

Frank's RedHot and Wings Have History

The rich heritage of Frank's RedHot dates back to 1918 when pepper
farmer Adam Estilette partnered with Jacob Frank in New Iberia,
Louisiana, to create a sauce perfectly spiced with the rich flavor of
cayenne peppers. Two years later, in 1920, the first bottle of Frank's
RedHot Sauce emerged from Estilette's pickling plant.

Picture: Jacob Frank in his 20s

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Frank Tea and Spice Company founded by Jacob Frank near the banks of the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Frank's Louisiana RedHot Sauce was born.

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FRANK'S REDHOT® Cayenne Pepper Sauce was used as the secret ingredient for the first ever Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, New York, putting it on the map and starting the flavor craze that has led to consumers obsession with all things Buffalo-flavor.

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FRANK'S REDHOT® leads the way to Latin flavors by introducing FRANK'S REDHOT® Chile 'n Lime™ Hot Sauce. A tangy twist with original Cayenne flavor blended with lime and cumin.This is a pivotal point in Frank’s RedHot history; the start of a bold new direction.


FRANK'S REDHOT® meets the growing needs of its consumers by launching FRANK’S REDHOT® Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce. This new flavor profiles allowed consumers to expand their culinary creativity.

FRANK'S REDHOT® also introduces the world to “Ethel,” a mischievous octogenarian and avid fan of FRANK'S REDHOT®. Ethel spreads her gospel everywhere she goes by declaring “I Put That $#!t on Everything!”

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FRANK'S REDHOT® explores the world of international flavors by announcing their new FRANK’S REDHOT® Sweet Chili® Sauce, a zesty, full-bodied Thai-inspired sauce that’s a slightly sweet, full-bodied alternative to traditional hot sauces.


FRANK'S REDHOT® expands its already strong portfolio of international flavors to include FRANK’S REDHOT® Slammin’ Sriracha® Chili Sauce. Drench your taste buds with bright heat from the perfect blend of sun-kissed chili pepper and jalapeño, balanced by a slight tanginess and a hint of smoke.


FRANK’S REDHOT® launches a line of squeeze bottles in four exciting flavors: Slammin’ Sriracha, Sweet Ginger Rajili, Stingin’ Honey Garlic, and Spicy Sweet & Sour. Now, consumers can squeeze that $#!t on everything! What fascinating new chapters of Frank’s RedHot history will we write next?

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Jacob Frank, creator of FRANK’S REDHOT®, is recognized for his contributions to fiery foods and inducted into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn, New York.

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